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date change
July 22nd added "Sweep Tube" page
January 12th added Sansui 1000A page and various links to changes from this page
January 7th '03 added new Hartley transmitter using the 1 kW "GM100" triode
November 28th changed website location to be fully hosted, not URL masked
November 23rd added 812A Hartley transmitter schematic to the projects page
November 14th added the 40m Regenerodyne receiver to the projects page
October 8th added 2 links & made some adjustments for Netscape; it was bust for NS users before
September 20th added 1920's radio page.
April 29th added the counter to the index page.
April 24th small revisions to the TR40 and links pages
April 12th added TR40 transceiver project page
April 8th added voltage regulator page
March 21st slightly revised project page
March 17th added another link and revised front page (again)
March 7th added PSU to the projects page, the links page & revised front page
February 24th added the FAQs and site info/disclaimer pages
February 19th '02 added the 812 Hartley to the projects page
October 20th added projects page, revised front page
October 5th added this revision log, added new 813 Hartley pics
September 29th '01 first page

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